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Running physiotherapy

Running physiotherapy

This service is aimed at the runner who would like to improve their running technique and progress their training plan. Our running physiotherapists are skilled in carrying out running technique assessments and creating running programmes to suit runners of all abilities.

Christchurch running physiotherapy experts

Enhanced running economy has been shown to help with performance and reduced injury risk. A structured running program that focuses on running technique, training loads and your fitness goals is a great way to improve your running game. 

This service is aimed at the runner who wants to improve their running technique and progress their training plan.

Your running physiotherapist will take the time to learn about your exercise and injury history. They will carry out a running technique assessment, biomechanical assessment and will give you the option of a personalised running programme.

No one ever actually teaches us how we should be running. So how are we to know that we are running in the most efficient way?!

By assessing your running technique in real time, our physiotherapists are able to work with you during your running physio appointment to improve your technique where needed. This may be to help with your overall running performance, address any ongoing niggles such as shin splints, knee pain or hip pain when running, or to reduce risk of future injury. 

When we break down the running gait into different parts, we are able to prioritise areas of importance that fit with your running history, injury history and goals. Your physio will provide you with practical tips, running drills and home exercises to help you to maximise your potential. They will also discuss training considerations such as load management, strength and conditioning and footwear choices. 

During a running consultation at Four, your physiotherapist will carry out a biomechanical assessment that is tailored towards your running and injury history. 

We look at factors such as single leg control, pelvic stability, ankle and calf strength, trunk control/posture and spinal mobility. Where there are areas for improvement, we will provide you with a personalised strength and conditioning program to complement your running training. 

Research suggests that regular strength training for runners, will help to reduce risk of injury and improve performance. How good!

Our running physiotherapists are trained in developing individualised running programs that help you to work towards your goal. This can be helpful when returning to running training after an injury, as often it is hard to know where to start. We are able to factor in adequate recovery, physio and rehab based exercises, and load management strategies to your program. 

We are also available to discuss any training considerations with existing coaches and work alongside them to ensure a safe return to training following injury. 


ACC initial consultation

45 minute appointment

Private initial consultation

45 minute appointment

ACC follow up consultation

30 minute appointment


Private follow up consultation

30 minute appointment

Frequently asked questions

If you are suffering from a running-related injury and are in need of physio treatment including hands-on/manual therapy, dry needling, taping, injury management advice, as well as exercise prescription - a standard initial consultation (either ACC or private) will be suitable for you. As part of this treatment your physio may also suggest carrying out a running assessment and can offer advice on how to improve your technique to reduce your risk of re-injury.

However if you are wanting to more specifically look at your running gait and biomechanics, delve deeper into running technique, improve your performance, reduce your injury risk and have the option of a personalised training schedule - you can book in for a running clinic consultation.

Both appointment types are available for online booking here.

Nope! You can book in with us directly through our website or via email/phone call without prior referral - it’s that easy!

Depending on the nature and onset of your injury, you may be eligible for ACC-funded treatment. This means that you pay a subsidised appointment fee rather than the full private cost. If you don’t have an ACC claim already, your physio can discuss this with you at your initial appointment and create a claim for you online. Read here to find out more about how ACC works.

If you have any relevant documentation such as a referral letter from your doctor or specialist, ACC claim details, or anything else that may be useful then please bring it along to your first appointment.

We always have a spare pair of shorts and blankets/towels in the clinic, so if you forget to wear the appropriate clothing on the day we’ve got you covered - literally!

Please note: if you are attending a running clinic consultation then please remember to wear active wear, and bring along your running shoes plus orthotics if you have them.

The Four team are busy bees! Which means our diaries can get booked up, sometimes weeks or even months in advance! We apologise for this, and aim to do everything we can to accomodate to the needs of our Four clients.

If you are struggling to find a time that works for you, don't hesitate to contact us via phone call or email. We have a cancellation list which we can add you to, and we will let you know if an earlier appointment time becomes available.

For general physiotherapy bookings for acute injuries, we aim to hold some last minute appointments each week, these may not be visible in our online booking system, so once again please get in touch if you are in need of an urgent appointment!

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