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Prenatal physiotherapy

Prenatal physiotherapy

The female body is incredible! Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes to accommodate for a growing baby. This can include changes to posture and abdominal control, pelvic floor changes and softening of ligaments and soft tissue, which may lead to pelvic girdle pain.

Christchurch pregnancy physio

At Four, we have a prenatal women's health physiotherapy service. We provide evidence based advice and education around safe exercise during pregnancy, management of bladder and bowel concerns, exercises to support abdominal separation, provide relief from pelvic pain including pubic symphysis pain, sacroiliac pain and back pain. We can also supply and fit support garments, including pelvic belts and abdominal support like tubigrip. 

Our experienced team here in Christchurch are skilled in assessment of the pelvic floor muscles and are aware of the many ways that pregnancy can affect this area. We will work with you to ensure that these muscles are working at their best to support you through your pregnancy, labor and beyond. 

Our pregnancy Pilates classes are led by women's health physiotherapists and are a safe and low impact way to stay strong and stable through pregnancy.

Reformer Pilates class timetable

During pregnancy it is important to stay active and strong, and reformer Pilates is a fun and safe way to achieve this. We have classes specifically designed to be attended during your pregnancy.

A timetable of these specialised classes can be found below.

10:45 am
11:45 am
5:15 pm
6:15 pm

Class information

Difficulty: All levels

Four’s pregnancy reformer Pilates classes are run by our Women’s Health physios and pre/post-natal trained instructors. During pregnancy it is important to stay active and strong, and reformer Pilates is a fun and safe way to achieve this. 

These classes are aimed at strengthening and stabilising the key muscle groups required to help you to stay comfortable and confident throughout your pregnancy and into the fourth trimester. Key focus areas include the pelvic floor, postural muscles, hips, legs and upper body. 

No previous Pilates experience is required. As our instructors are qualified Women’s Health physios and Pilates instructors, we are able to cater to any specific needs or concerns so please let us know at your first session if this applies to you.


Women's health initial consultation

60 minute appointment - women's health or pelvic health

Prenatal or postnatal initial consultation

60 minute appointment - private charge

Women's health follow up consultation

30 minute appointment - for all women's health, pelvic health, prenatal or postnatal private follow up sessions

Prenatal or postnatal follow up consultation

30 minute appointment - private charge

Frequently asked questions

Prenatal assessments are always advised for soon to be mums and can be carried out during the second and third trimester. We suggest booking in at around 16-18 weeks gestation - or earlier if there is anything that you are particularly concerned about. 

These appointments are here to help advise you on safe exercise during pregnancy, pelvic floor exercises and to provide relief from any aches or pains that you might be experiencing as your body changes.

Pelvic floor assessments will often involve an internal vaginal exam to assess the strength, mobility and coordination of your pelvic floor muscles and the surrounding fascia. Your informed consent will always be gained prior to any examination, following the discussion of any concerns that you may have.

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